Parataxis is an urban planning and architecture firm, specializing in the development of the traditional neighborhood, known as a TND.

We become involved in projects as consultants or as equity partners, and are involved in the complete project, from inception to completion.

In doing so, we ensure that the value in pursuing a TND does not diminish as the initial vision is being realized.

par·a·tax·is (păr'ə-tăk'sĭs)

From Greek for 'act of placing side by side'; fr. para, beside + tassein, to arrange

1. Used to describe a literary technique in which two fragments, usually starkly dissimilar, are juxtaposed without a clear connection. Readers are left to make their own connections.

2. Used to describe the Traditional Neighbourhood Development (TND) design technique, in which dissimilar functions are arranged side by side to create compact, mixed use, walkable neighbourhoods. Citizens are hence empowered to make their own connections.

3. Used to describe the charrette, a TND planning technique, where all the participants (land owners, developers, builders, municipal officials, planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, lawyers, marketers and area residents) all work together side by side during a compressed time to achieve a superlative solution to any urban design challenge.

Parataxis Design and Development Corporation